Ron Stauffer Quoted in CallRail Blog Post About Marketing analytics

Of all the tools in my marketing tool kit, call tracking is by far one of the most powerful, and also one I’ve found is consistently undervalued.

One thing I’m proud to offer my marketing clients is call tracking by default. I don’t charge extra for it—I just always implement it as a matter of course.

Since 2012, I’ve used call tracking from a variety of vendors. I started with CallSource, switched to using CallFire a few years later, and then moved to using CallRail a few years ago, where I’m an agency partner.

Of the the things I like a lot about CallRail is the fact that they help their agency partners a lot with good content on their blog, in their newsletter, and via online training and even phone support.

Recently, I was able to contribute to a CallRail blog post about time management for digital marketers. One of the biggest headaches a marketer has is determining what exactly should be tracked (KPIs), how often that data should be represented in a report, and how much detail to show the client.

For their blog post called “Time Management Advice For Digital Marketers From Digital Marketers,” I shared a lesson I learned almost a decade ago from a client who put everything into perspective for me. Here’s an excerpt from the post:

“I’ll never forget one client who had a home-service business. Once, I got excited looking at the numbers and was showing him a big dashboard that I spent hours putting together. I was pointing to a conversion chart broken down by lead source, when he politely interrupted me and said, “Yeah, okay, Ron, I get the point. It’s going up and to the right, and that’s what we want. Looks like you’re staying on top of it.”

Read the full article here.

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