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Do I need to verify my Google listing?

How do I upload files to Google Drive?

How to allow Mac to share screen using Zoom

What Is Twitter, And Should I Use It?

Twitter is one of the most under-utilized and under-appreciated social networks. Yet, Twitter can be one of the most powerful social networks that companies can take advantage of. Why? Watch and find out.

Why Use Video For Your Business?

This video explains why most businesses should be using videos to help market themselves. (It’s no coincidence that this is a video to try to convince you to use video!)

Beyond SEO: Ron Stauffer Speaks at Revenue North Conference

This is a video of a presentation Ron gave called “Beyond SEO: What To Do With Visitors After They Visit Your Website” at a conference called Revenue North in Colorado Springs. Here, he explains how and why so many businesses are too focused on traffic and rankings when in fact they should be focusing on their website visitors instead.