Email: Zoom Class Action Settlement

2023 Update: I took my own advice and filled out the form since I was a Zoom user. On 03/22/23 (exactly 444 days later), I received a check for almost $200 in the mail. I hope everyone reading this also filled out the form!

Have you gotten an email like this one below?

Claim Deadline Approaching for Zoom Class Action Settlement

Your Unique Claim Number: [redacted]

Claim Deadline: March 5, 2022

This is a reminder of the Notice you received on December 6, 2021, regarding the Zoom Class Action Settlement. You are eligible for a cash payment from the Settlement if you submit your claim by March 5, 2022.

While the actual payment amount to you will depend on the total number of valid claims that are filed and the amount you paid to Zoom during the relevant timeframe, at the current rate of claims, subscribers who submit claims are currently estimated to receive approximately 30% of the amount you paid to Zoom for the Zoom Meetings App subscription during the relevant timeframe.

To submit your claim online, click here. The claims process takes just minutes and requires no documentation or personal information.

Where can I get more information?

Information about your rights and options, including the Notice and the Settlement Agreement, are available at, by emailing, or by calling toll-free 1-800-397-3418.

SOURCE: In re: Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Privacy Litigation, Case No. 3:20-cv- 02155-LB (

Believe it or not, this email is not a scam: it’s legitimate. If you have signed up for a paid Zoom account, I highly recommend you actually follow up on this and see if you can get some of your money back as part of this class action settlement.

You can follow the links in the email or go directly to the special website at to fill out the form using the email address you’ve used for your Zoom account, or the claim number in the email.

Who knows: spending a few minutes of your time might get you up to $25 back… that doesn’t suck, eh?

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