Some people say the highest form of praise a client can give you is to hire you. This is true. However, perhaps the second-highest form of praise a client can give you is telling others about you. To that end, here’s a short list of testimonials from some of our clients over the years who have been quite happy with the level of service they’ve gotten. And, if you want, check out a list of clients we’ve served over the years.

“My business volume is night-and-day different from this same time last year. I’ve got more work than I can handle. Maybe if I hired another repair tech, I could actually take advantage of it! You’ve done a real good job for me.”

Auto Repair Shop

“Ron has been supporting me in my various endeavors for several years. He is a knowledgeable pro who works fast and efficiently to solve your problems. He’s the best!”

Book Author

“Ron Stauffer really knows his business! He brought our website up to current standards and efficiently moved our website hosting to a new server. The process was seamless and did not cost an arm and a leg.”

Landscape Architect

“I’m a non-technical kind of guy, and Ron has served a valuable role in helping me establish a stronger presence online. He built my website, and has helped me take it to the next level by implementing Twitter, Facebook, and he even set me up with a Podcast in the iTunes Store! Ron asks me consultative questions to help me understand the possibilities and options available to me. Most helpful is his ability to explain technical/complicated things in a way I can understand; he trims off all the techno-jargon and tells me what it does. Ron does what he says he will do, and he is very responsive when I need his assistance. I encourage you to use him for your website work.”

Real Estate Agent

“Ron has created a fantastic website for our business. Not only did he have ideas for us, but put it all together in a timely manner at a great value. We are always getting compliments on our website. We definitely recommend him to our friends and fellow business owners. He always responds quickly, and we so appreciate that. We have no doubt that he will have continued success in building his website business.”

Construction Company

“The day I met Ron, I was impressed that he was a calm, thorough, thinking man. He brings these skills into designing business websites by asking all the right questions and guiding the client into discovering just what they want without wasting any time or money. In the world of ‘artisans,’ Ron stands far above as a business marketing man first, and a ‘creative’ second.”

Commercial Photographer

“Ron has been working his SEO magic for my company, and I cannot say enough about his expertise, his professionalism, and, most importantly, his results! Ron knows what he’s doing; he doesn’t just claim to know SEO; he actually knows SEO and knows it well. He has the experience and insight to understand what your potential clients are looking for, how to drive them to your website, and how to get them to contact you! He’s an excellent communicator, and he’s fair and honest. When I write a check for Ron, it’s the best thing I do all day.”

Home Builder

“A few years ago, I met with Ron for my very first website. I definitely needed the help of a professional website developer. Ron was very professional yet easy to work with. He was very interested to get to know my business, and asked a lot of questions and even did his own research. My website reflects exactly that! I highly recommend Ron for your website. He goes over and above the call of duty and it was a great pleasure to work with him and I will definitely use him again.”

Skincare Clinic

“Ron is one of the most competent as well as enjoyable people I’ve ever worked with. He is extremely knowledgeable about web development, alongside being very friendly and easy to work with. It is not often that in this field those traits collide. I highly recommend Ron and his services!”

Graphic Designer

“Ron has been doing an excellent job for us as we explore ways to increase our market share. I look for the following attributes in any service we hire to enhance our business: expertise; initiative in proposing ideas; critical analysis of whatever approaches we are discussing; responsiveness; and of course, results. Ron has hit the sweet spot in all of them – something which I rarely find. Ron has been excellent not only in implementing what he and I have discussed, but also in suggesting ideas and being candid about advising where I can get the most bang for my buck. He comes across as an expert who is trying to help rather than a salesman looking for the next sale. There’s obviously lots of competition out there in the internet marketing arena. Ron is more than holding his own.”

Dermatology Clinic

“Ron’s easy going attitude and expert knowledge make him a pleasure to do business with. He also works very quickly yet maintains the high standards one expects when developing a website. I highly recommend him. You won’t be disappointed!”

Auto Lube Service

“Ron is friendly, patient, and an amazing teacher. He’s wonderful in helping us get a better understanding of how we can improve our web presence based on our stats. We’re really pleased with where we are and where we’re headed. We look forward to each meeting and, thanks to Ron, now have a better view of where we need to go. Our whole understanding of how we can improve our website and incorporate SEO marketing has changed dramatically. We can’t imagine doing this without him! (Especially now that we can see the difference!)”

Urgent Care Clinic

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